Women are Strong - I Don't Care if that Offends You

Woman isn’t a bad word.

Women are independent.

Women are strong.

Raising a daughter is terrifying. I mean, raising any child is terrifying. Also though, raising a daughter is terrifying. Between the two of us, David and I spend a good deal of time reminding our daughter that she is capable of anything she puts her mind to.  She’s got her own mini, female-empowerment library that we read from on almost a daily basis including Chelsea Clinton’s She Persisted books, Women Who Dared by Linda Skeers, Girls Think of Everything by Catherine Thimmesh, and my current favorite, Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Case of R.B.G. Vs. Inequality by Jonah Winter. We also find ourselves constantly grateful for the strong female influences in our daughter’s life, and ours. I’d like to take this time to introduce you to a few of them. 

If you've ever been to the female owned and operated Black Lace Ink in Grayslake, Illinois, you've already met some of them. The first thing you'll notice walking in is the feature wall of local artwork. The shop supports local artists and artistic expression. You'll also be greeted by the shop owner, Meg. She. Is. Amazing. She's been tattooing since 2002 and opened Black Lace Ink in 2016. She's all around one of the kindest human beings we've met. Then there is our beloved Serena, the shop manager. You might recognize her from past sessions of ours. Over the past few months, we've had the pleasure of getting to know Olivia, the shop's apprentice, and two more incredible artists, Lizzie and Jessie. The shop offers their own line of aftercare products made in house. They're completely natural, organic, and contain zero artificial fragrances or preservatives. Check out Good Vibes when you stop in. Another way this incredible group of women stand out from other tattoos shops.... They offer piercing for pain relief. Meg, who was previously a paramedic, has studied the benefits of acupuncture, acupressure, and Pulse Point Therapy. Book a free consult with her to learn more. They also name their plants at Black Lace Ink so be sure to introduce yourself to Betsy the succulent when you get there.

We've known Serena specifically for a long time and we've photographed her with many different people. She's been tattooing David and I for years and we've become very close. It meant a lot to us to have the opportunity to do a solo session with her. Rather than explaining the idea behind what she wanted to do, I suggest just scrolling through it. 

So thank you to the women of Black Lace Ink, thank you to all empowered and persisting women, and thank you inclusively to every single human being that has joined us in the fight for equality.