Katrina + RC

I somehow narrowed this blog post down to about 70 images. It was almost impossible to choose what not to include. This entire wedding day was a dream. We are really picky about which weddings we photograph. Before we work with a couple we like to meet and get to know them and make sure we share the same ideas about what we think makes a wedding day truly awesome. We love couples that don’t care about the fake shit; Couples that are more interested in their real interactions with their friends and family; Couples that know who they are and how to express it. When we met with Katrina and RC, I’ll never forget Katrina, a photographer and graphic artist, saying “Why would I need a photo of my dress hanging from some random tree?” We knew they were perfect from that minute on. All of the important moments of their day were centered around the people and places that are meaningful to them. We spent a little time at The Space, an industrial building that’s been converted into a giant motorcycle garage where RC works on his Harleys. In the past, it has been occupied by Chicago based legends HI FI and the Roadburners, and The Krank Daddies (RC is the drummer). Their ceremony and reception were both held at Lacuna Lofts. We enjoyed live music for most of the day and into the evening, including an awesome mash up with the Klezmer band and the Mariachi band. I could go on and on, but if you've read this far, you might as well just check out the images. Congratulations Katrina and RC!

Want some unsolicited advice from us? Check out Lionhearted Events if you need a wedding planner, designer or coordinator! We had the pleasure of working with them on this wedding, and they're truly incredible. The second you meet Grace, you'll know exactly what I mean.