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We are not for everyone. This is no secret. We live in a world where appearances are valued more than truth; A world full of Snapchat filters that make your face look slender, and endless articles telling you how to hold your arms to make yourself look skinnier in a photo; Where somethings' worth is dictated by how many likes it gets. At Roni Rose Photography, we believe in feeling over dishonesty. We value the importance of being vulnerable with another person, and sharing your true insides. We believe that those honest interactions are what make this life worth living. We don't believe that a pale complexion, or a face without a smile ruins a photograph. Give us your ugly crying face and we will show you tears of joy. Throw away your insecurities, be with your partner, and we'll show you how you fit together. If you're looking for someone to capture genuine, uninfluenced feeling, we might be what you're looking for. At Roni Rose Photography, we sell honesty. We'll bring the eye. You bring the heart.


about us.

photo by Jacob Loafman Photography


I am Roni; A tattooed, swearing, clumsy lady that loves art. Growing up, I had an interest in creative writing. I wasn't much of an artist. As hard as I'd try, I wasn't great at drawing or painting. But I could put a pen to paper and describe something in vivid detail. I enjoyed writing private memoirs of getting gas at the gas station, or describing in length the way the lady at the grocery store rang out the customer in front of me; All seemingly mundane interactions that I found so genuine and fascinating.  As I got older, I realized what I was really drawn to wasn't the writing, but the observation of moments unfolding in front of me. When I finally picked up a camera, I found a way to be an observer of the moments that make our time on this planet worth it - the life changing moments, the deliciously mundane moments, and everything in between. There's nothing else in the world that I'd rather do.

David is my tattooed, quiet husband. It's only natural that I marry a man so creative and determined. He has spent basically his entire life playing music. He was a music teacher for over 20 years, and we met when I started working at the guitar shop where he managed the store and taught music lessons (best. day. ever.). Once I started Roni Rose Photography, it didn't take long for him to join the team. Creatively we've always connected, and we absolutely share a brain - David says, "we harmonize well together". We spend our days watching kung fu movies and bonding over our simultaneous love for art, our daughter, and Donnie Yen.

Roni Rose Photography uses a portion of our earnings to make a yearly donation to Planned Parenthood. We whole heartedly support women, and their right to choose and be heard.

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