"Girl Photographers Don't Use Lights"

Girl Photographers Don’t Use Lights

This obviously isn't true, but I remember hearing it more than once at the beginning of my career as a photographer. It wasn't supposed to be a put down. The insinuation is that most female photographers stick to natural light instead of using artificial light off camera, where as male photographers prefer the tech end of artificial lighting. It didn't take long for me to learn first hand that plenty of female photographers use off camera lighting techniques. I would think this standard has driven many of them to push their own personal limits with artificial light experimentation. For me, it absolutely has. Instead of doing your typical "best of" countdown, I've put together a collection of images I've taken using off camera flash; Many of them inspired by other photographers, some of them female. *insert shocked face emoji* *now insert eye roll emoji because ridiculous double standards are still alive and well* *now insert a unicorn emoji or something and go make some art*