Saturday with the Kozlaks

This past weekend, we photographed a session that was full of sensory memories from childhood; Summer break spent playing video games and hanging out in the backyard. However, this family is WAY cooler than mine was growing up. Besides their extensive knowledge of the best video games and their living room full of zombie decor, they’ve also built a half pipe in to the back porch. Ben (Dad) has been helping the kids practice skating, and was kind enough to show our daughter some tricks too.

This family fully encompasses everything we mean when we say “Real. Raw. Soulful.”. Kris (Mom) and I bonded over our mutual reluctance to fit in with other moms sometimes. My favorite quote of hers while talking about having someone over to their house one day:

Guest: “You have zombies all over your living room.”

Kris: “Where do you keep your zombies?”