When I was growing up, I attended public school. I remember asking the age old question "When are we ever going to need to know this stuff?" As an adult, I remember feeling something similar to betrayal when I discovered how many history lessons we were taught that were just half truths, revised to "protect" our young minds rather than to feed us actual knowledge. I also remember the moment I realized that I was completely unprepared for life as an adult, because the education offered in public schools seemed to have very little to do with growing into a productive, capable member of society. I meet so many parents that feel the same way about their experiences with public school. And a lot of them are doing something about it. My favorite example of homeschooling done right.... The Kerns. This year for their family session, we focused on their school space and the way they learn. Suzi has been homeschooling their three children, and it's been an indescribable honor to see them grow into the most amazing little humans. I've said this before, and I will say it a million more times..... Thank you Suzi and Tony for your constant inspiration.